Austria Immigration

Austria is a federal state with nine provinces. Each province has its own capital. Austria’s border countries are Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Austrian weather and climate – The county experiences moderate to hot summers and cold winters. Many and more people from other countries are being welcomed to immigrate to Austria, either temporarily or permanently.

Austria is a member of the European Union. Depending on the purpose of the visit and the migrant’s origin, different types of Austrian migration are permitted (i.e. different types of visas are granted).

Types of Immigrations Process

  1. Movement of EU (European Union) citizens and their family members within the EU
  2. Permanent immigration
  3. Non-permanent residence
  4. Residence for a fixed term

Movement of EU (European Union) citizens and their family members within the EU Permanent immigration Non-permanent residence Residence for a fixed term

  1. Red-White-Red (RWR) card
  2. Red-White-Red-Card plus
  3. European Union Blue card
  4. Employment permit and Settlement permit

Red-White-Red Cards

The Red-White-Red Card allows for immigration to Austria. This card is valid for 12 months and designates the cardholder as being employed by a specific employer for a specified period of time.

The following people are eligible for the Red-white-Red card:

  1. Highly skilled personnel
  2. Qualified workers in shortage occupations
  3. Austrian university graduates and the graduates from the colleges of higher education
  4. Self-employed workers who are in key occupations/positions

Red-White-Red Card PLUS

The Red-White-Red Card plus allows for immigration to Austria. This card identifies and allows the holder to work for a set period of time while also providing unlimited access to the labor market.

The following people are eligible for a Red-white-Red card plus:

  1. Holders of the Red-white-Red Card are considered eligible if they have been employed for 10 months, which is the deciding factor.
  2. The family members of Red-white-Red card and EU cardholders.
  3. The family members of the overseas citizens who are permanently settled in Austria.

Points calculator for Austrian Immigration

  • To acquire a Red-White-Red Card, sufficient points have to be garnered by the applicant (e.g. for professional experience, age, education, skills in language, etc).
  • The Austrian government has an Integration Agreement that allows foreign nationals to be legally incorporated for settling in Austria. Its goal is to provide thorough German language skills to third-country nationals and ensure that they participate in Austria’s cultural, social, and economic life.