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The United States of America is a major country in North America that is frequently referred to as “the USA”, “the U.S.”, “the United States of America”, “the States”, or simply “America”. With approximately 318 million people, it has the world’s third-largest population and contains both heavily crowded cities with extensive suburbs and vast, uninhabited natural areas.

It is a “melting pot” of cultures from across the world, with a history of major immigration extending back to the 17th century, and it plays a dominating role in the world’s cultural landscape.

It is home to a diverse range of prominent tourist sites, from the skyscrapers of Manhattan and Chicago to the natural marvels of Yellowstone and Alaska, as well as the warm, sunny beaches of Florida and Hawaii and the Arizona deserts.

Study, Work, Live in USA

Living, working and studying in USA is a dream for many people. Check out the various opportunities and programmes available :

Study In USA

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Student Visa

In order to legally study in USA, you need to obtain a Study Permit/Visa.

Migrate to USA

Check out the various options availabe to migrate to USA.

Business Visa

Business Visas help facilitate trade and business between different countries.

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  6. Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate