We have a diligent and systematic process for manpower recruitment, which is professional and is of absolute value to both the end clients, as well as the prospective candidates.

This is explained below

Contract Signing

Initially, we completely understand and discuss the requirements of our clients with them. We try to understand the requirements of the role and position in order to deliver the best result. A collaborative open-minded approach and good listening skills are our forte. We try to review your expectations, understand your culture and the unique challenges you face, to help us serve you better. Once we are on the same page with the client, we go on to sign the contract.

Demand Letter

The client formally delivers a demand letter with their requirements. This document defines the needs and the timelines. We advertise and start the HR search once the demand letter is received.


This is our expertise comes in. We have an extremely well defined database of potential candidates and work with a network of trusted partners to source the right individuals. We receive, track, test and assess applicants to narrow down the selection before the applicant’s information is reviewed by the organization. Our ability to understand your requirements threadbare and match the perfect candidate for the job is what has been the foundation of our success.

Screening and Shortlisting

There is an initial screening conducted at our end and the final list of candidates are presented for the client interview.

Final Selection

The client conducts the final interview. Sometimes, we may also conduct the final interview on behalf of our clients.

Offer Letter

Candidates who clear the final selection process are given offer letters by our clients. This gives the terms and conditions and the legal and medical requirements as well.

Medical Examination

Brenz Global arranges for medical tests for the selected candidate in authorized centers to ensure that they are medically fit.

Visa & Travel Arrangements

The client conducts the final interview. Sometimes, we may also conduct the final interview on behalf of our clients.


Brief orientation to the selected candidates is provided by Amoza. The orientation includes educating the candidates about their duties and responsibilities. We also provide first-hand information of the work environment and salient features of labour laws of the country of employment. We share best practices and the deep knowledge gained from our experience in the middle east and south east Asian countries in this regard.

Post Deployment

Brenz Global follows up with the employee as well as the employer to ensure that there is smooth connect between both the parties and to ensure that their mutual expectations are correctly fulfilled.