Canada Study Student Visa

Canada is one of the world’s leading nations that, in the form of qualified immigrants or investor immigrants, has invited immigrants into the region. The country exudes beauty and is rich in a wealth of natural origin. It has an atmosphere that is multi-cultural. Canada’s capital is Ottawa. Art and culture are sponsored by Canada. In almost every province, Canada is known for the sort of festivals it holds. Supported by stable governance and a growing economy, Canada has a high standard of life. Canada’s education and economic policies are top-class.

For international students who have studied in Canada and have continued to take up jobs in the region, Canada issues permanent residency permits. Considered to be one of the world’s most advanced countries, Canada provides the world’s finest living standards.

Both the French and English languages are spoken in the country and both are considered official languages.

Top 5 programs in Canada

  1. Engineering / Technology
  2. Commerce & Management
  3. Medicine
  4. Science
  5. Art and Design

Why study in Canada?

  1. Canada has the reputation of excelling in the field of education
  2. Credentials from Canada are recognized all over the world
  3. Knowledge gathering in Canada is supported by research work
  4. Canadian universities are equipped with top innovative technologies to enrich the studying experience there
  5. Canadian universities emphasize more on research and develop
  6. Canadian universities provide ample space for experience-based learning and applying the knowledge incurred.
  7. Canadian provinces and cities are well connected. Both road transport and rail transport are highly equipped. Canada is connected with the USA and other major countries through Airways
  8. Canada is a neighbour of the USA

Education System in Canada

  1. 12 years of basic compulsory education which is free provided and funded by the Federal Government
  2. 4 years of Bachelor’s degree
  3. 2 years of Master’s degree
  4. 1 year of Ph.D. (can vary depending on the Ph.D. course)

Popular Universities in Canada

  1. University of Toronto
  2. McGill University
  3. University of British Columbia
  4. University of Alberta
  5. University de Montreal
  6. McMaster University

Required Tests

Test to prove your English and French Language Proficiency as would be required.

Admissions Procedure

Brenz Global has tied up with multiple universities in Canada.

We help our student clients to prepare and send the application along with supporting documents and certificates required to universities as per the guidelines of the university applied for.

After getting approval from any of the universities, we help you apply for the Student Visa.

Accommodation Facilities

  1. Most universities provide accommodation on the university campus.
  2. However, students can choose to live outside the campus either in rented apartments or individual rooms

Every university has a help desk for students which provides information about shared accommodation available around the university campus.

Cost of Education

  1. Fees – CAD 35,000 to 75,000
  2. Living expenses – CAD 10,000 Per Annum

Work Prospects

  1. International students who are enrolled for 2-3 years of an education program can earn a work permit for 3 years.
  2. Canada doesn’t impose any restrictions on students wanting to work in Canada.
  3. Post education, students have ample opportunities in multiple fields in Canada.

Permanent Residence

Canada offers permanent residency permits for all those who work in Canada through its Canadian Experience Class scheme.

After completion of the course, 6-8 months of a temporary permit to remain in Canada and look for their dream job is granted to the students.