New Zealand

New Zealand’s natural beauty is breathtaking and diversified, with jagged mountains, undulating grazing land, towering fiords, clean trout-filled lakes, roaring rivers, gorgeous beaches, and active volcanic zones. These islands are home to some of the most unusual bioregions on the planet, including nocturnal, burrowing parrots known as kakapo and kiwi. Kiwi is not just one of New Zealand’s national emblems (the other two being the silver fern leaf and the koru), but it is also the moniker by which the country is known.

These islands are lightly inhabited, especially as compared to the North Island, yet they are easily accessible. There are gleamingly contemporary tourist facilities, and transportation networks are highly developed, with airports and roads located across the nation. New Zealand frequently adds an adventurous edge to nature: it’s the birthplace of jet-boating through narrow gorges and bungy jumping off anything high enough to provide a thrill.

Mori culture continues to play a significant role in everyday living, as well as government and business symbolism, with numerous chances for tourists to study and experience both the past and modern forms of Mori life.

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