Singapore Study VISA


Singapore, a small country neighboring Malaysia, is an independent state that is now one of the world’s financial centers. Right on the equator, the nation is situated. Singapore is a small country that can be considered a city legally. Nevertheless, it is a highly industrialized nation with top-class services open to its citizens, investors, and businesses.Singapore is a beautiful place that was more or less developed Singapore by the government. This place is hot. IT is one of these rare nations that are 100% free of substance abuse.

In Singapore, education focuses more on making a kid a global citizen. Consequently, Singapore offers an education that is much closer to the United States and the United Kingdom, while having a highly affordable syllabus. This country has a lot of greenery surrounding it and is one of the cleanest countries. Studying in Singapore is a valuable contribution to your personality and not just to your resume.

Singapore may be the smallest country in South-East Asia [officially recognized as the Republic of Singapore], but it doesn’t deter it from being one of the most economically advanced nations. The Port of Singapore, one of the world’s busiest ports, has enormously globalized and diversified its economy, which is now considered to be one of the most open and competitive. In Singapore, extreme poverty is rare; it simply accounts for a reasonable proportion of the world’s millionaires.

Singapore Education is also a key area of growth which offers a variety of courses in various fields. It is ranked as the world’s best enterprise-friendly economy. With a hint of modernity, a cosmopolitan nation provides a decent quality of life with multicultural work prospects.

Why Study In Singapore

  1. Safe and cordial nation.
  2. Developed economy.
  3. Well-structured curriculum.
  4. Easy to work and study.
  5. Internationally recognized certification.
  6. Climate is always constant with fewer fluctuations.

Education System in Singapore

  1. Singapore is emerging as a quality education provider.
  2. Highly competitive and student tailored courses are being offered here.

Admissions Procedure

  1. Basic requirement to apply to Singapore – 10+2 years of education
  2. Requirements and guidelines change as per the needs of the University
  3. There are no compulsions on tests to be undertaken to study in Singapore

Accommodation Facilities

The living costs differ depending on the sort of accommodation one needs in Singapore. Living costs will range from Singapore Dollar 450 to 1000/- per month anywhere.

Cost of Education

Singapore, which is famed for its standard of education, is one of the most inexpensive places to live in. Compared to other developing countries, the nation invites international students with a liberal standard of entry and competitive study costs.

Fees Range

  1. Diploma / Advanced Diploma – 6000 to 8000 SGD
  2. Bachelors program – 9000 to 15000 SGD
  3. Post graduations – 16000 to 24000 SGD

Work Prospects

Getting a Work pass in Singapore is pretty easy. Once you have that, you can start working while studying.

Permanent Residence

After having obtained the Work Pass, one who stays and works in Singapore for a minimum of 5 years can apply for a Residence permit there.

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